Friday, 13 January 2017

fur coat coziness

If you're wondering what I'm actually doing with my life, well, right now I caught myself staring out of my window looking at the snow for 10 minutes straight with a cup of tea in my hands and sad indie music in the background, not even realising how much time had passed. All of a sudden, after seeing how heavily it is snowing, I am kinda glad I have no plans for this weekend, bless.

Winter is officially here, and after years of thinking about it, I finally managed to ask my grandma about her fur coat. Without much hesitation she gave it to me to try it out and I kinda fell in love with it. And now, it is mine. And yes, it is real fur, and yes, it is the warmest and cosiest thing I have ever worn. 

 As it is quite eye catching, especially because of its size, I decided the rest of the outfit should be neutral. Thus, I am wearing a simple white crop top which I matched with high waisted black leather jeans, both from Primark.

 For the small details, I am wearing a set of Creative Mess necklaces (with which I had a collaboration and shoot for a campaign), one is a sheer black choker and the other is a simple golden necklace with a circle. They are a small brand held by a student, they offer a great amount of different styles, both long necklaces, chokers and earrings, and their pricing is so affordable! Definitely check them out if you're interested!

These simple but cute sunglasses are from zeroUV, I got them a year ago and I still adore them. If you notice anything a bit different from my usual style, it is probably the black leather bag that I have, I got it recently at Mohito,  and I love it because it so simple and you can wear it both in your hands or on your shoulder, plus, so many things fit into it! And, it's black. As usual, I am wearing my ankle high black leather boots from H&M, which are so perfect for this changing weather.

shirt & jeans // primark
fur coat // vintage, custom made
necklaces // creative mess
sunglasses // zeroUV
bag // mohito
shoes // h&m

photos by: irma v. (instagram, facebook page)

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love always,
paula avalon xx

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

new year resolutions

No, don’t worry, this isn’t going to be one of those basic “new year, new me” posts about New Year resolutions, or at least I hope so. I took my time over these two weeks asking other people about their resolutions and deciding what mine should be. My main focus was on how to be a better version of myself, you know that version you have in your head but things just get into your way so you somehow aren’t how you would like to be? Well, I want to be that person, so better now than never. 

What is my ideal version of myself is the question you have to ask yourself in order to become it. Do you want to become fluent in more than one language, do you want people to notice your style, do you want to educate your self on a certain topic? Doesn’t really seem that hard once you start doing it, trust me. The point is, you mustn’t set your goals too high and expect them to come true after a month. Keep them humble, work on them as often as you can, don’t let stupid reasons keep you from doing them, and sooner than you know it you’ll arrive to the finish line.

So, what are my goals? I chose 7 goals for 2017, let’s start.

1. Read one book per month.
I don’t know about you, but I’m a book hoarder. I have about 20 books at home that I really really want to read, but somehow never manage to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading, I truly do, but I always end up spending endless hours just refreshing Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. And I hate myself for it. So, after talking to my best friend, I decided to steal his idea of reading at least one book per month. It can be any book, long, short, poetry, short stories, a novel.. Doesn’t matter. Reading makes you more eloquent and in my case, it calms you. Plus, you get to forget about the rest of the world for a while as you get lost in that universe. 

2Watch more classical movies
Recently I gave myself a task of watching old movies. And nevertheless, I loved them. Casablanca got into my top 5, so I asked myself, why not do this more often? I decided I should educate myself on this topic as I am quite a cinephile, watching old movies and the classics, for example Aubrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, The Godfather and such. To be honest, this is probably going to be the easiest and most fun goal of 2017. hahaha.

3. Finish a sketchbook
As some of you may know, I am currently studying Fashion Design at TTF here in Zagreb, and even though drawing is kinda going to be my career, I find great joy in just taking my watercolours, paper and brushes and drawing whatever. Sometimes, it can be a stupid little doodle, sometimes I’m quite proud of it, but what’s most important, it relaxes me. Amid all of the stress of the student life, I found my little ray of sunshine in drawing, so when I rediscovered the almost blank sketchbook I own, I decided to make it my goal for 2017 to fill it. Who knows, I may finish it within months, I may get worse or better, maybe I don’t finish it, but I can only hope I will continue working on something that I love as much as I love that and make myself a happier person. 

4. Spend less time worrying about what others think
It’s not worth it. Truly. You do you and never give a damn about what others are thinking. You do you because of you, unapologetically. Wear that dress, ask that question, go there, wear that lipstick, listen to that band. Just, do you. And you’ll be satisfied.

5. Save money in order to travel
When you’re organised and know what you want, saving money isn’t that hard. And what do I love the most in the world? Travelling, after all, I am a Sagittarius. Travelling for me doesn’t necessarily mean going away for a month to another continent, it can be a road trip to a town nearby yours, just as long it’s fun and you see something new. What do I want to see in 2017? Well, everything. But we all know that’s not going to happen. So my goal is to visit Venice, Barcelona, Rijeka and Vienna once more. Fingers crossed, wallet shut. Good luck to me.

6. Organise time better
Ok so, I’m a procrastinator. Big time. Should probably get an award for it. And I despise it. I have so many things I want to do, and so much time to do them. But no. I’m just gonna lay in my bed scrolling. Thus, I decided to get more organised this year, I even bought a super cute Van Gogh planner. How do I plan on doing this? First of all, hide my phone when I come home. I swear to God, it sucks me in and suddenly 3 hours have gone past and I am still wearing shoes. Then, do things as they come my way. No more laters, just do it Paula, you’re gonna forget it later, you know you will. And last, reward myself. After you do everything you had to do, why not get back to bed and watch a movie, a classic maybe? Bam, 2 goals in one.

7. Finish my first year of University in time
The last goal of 2017. is to not fail any of my exams, making myself and my parents proud. Just study, do what you love, don’t overstress, enjoy your life as you do it, and make yourself the person you truly want to be.

Ta-da! Done, or should I say, just starting. I wish you all the best and I hope you all get to finish at least 50% of the goals you set for yourself in 2017. Good luck! 

love always,

paula avalon xx

i'm back!

Long time no write. But not really, as I was only posting on a different blog.

While I was absent from my original blog, my dear friend Adela and I decided to open a blog together, called Alternating Paths. We mainly posted about the same things as I post here, beauty, fashion, travel, photography etc. But somehow, as I had a different mindset about it, it wasn’t really working out for me, thus I have decided to go back to posting here.

I can only hope you will continue to read my posts as you did before, and of course, share some love to Adela on her Instagram and Facebook page, as she is an amazing photographer and she is so good at everything she does. My wish is for her to still continue blogging on our blog but only under her name, so if you’re interested to see what we were doing there and what this amazing lady has to offer, make sure you over there and give her some love! 

Missed you, hope I’ll make you proud again. 

love always,

paula avalon xx

dots and leather.

'ello 'ello! After too many (3) months, Adela and I finally got together and shot some new pics. The day was a true spring Saturday and everything was just as it was supposed to be, plus the model and her (selfnamed) muse were together once more.

You can probably tell that I'm excited for the warm weather haha, and boy are you right. I am literally just counting day until my (FINAL) school year ends and then until prom and then the last matura exam and then bam. College enrollment. Being excited for it is kinda balancing with being scared of what future brings, but lets just cross out fingers and hope for the best. Plus, INmusic is soon.

Leather jacket weather is probably the best weather, so in this spring time outfit I am wearing a black leather jacket from H&M. The accent piece of this outfit is definitely this vintage second hand blouse which is oversized, and with whose pattern(s) I am in love with. To add some more leather, these cute high-waisted jeans are from Primark and somehow this is the first time I wore them, but definitely not the last.

To complete the look with even more leather, I am wearing these cute platform shoes by Catwalk and they definitely give this look a bit of a grungy vibe, but as I also love the vintage atmosphere of the shirt and the hairstyle I put on my super cute pale pink sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. They have become one of my go to accessories pieces as they are quite big and they add a pop of color to every outfit.


 And if you are wondering which lipstick am I wearing, it's my new one from BH Cosmetics and a piece which I will definitely be buying soon again! You can check out more about it and some other products I got from their site in this post

 jacket // h&m ; blouse // second hand ; jeans // primark ; sunglasses // urban outfitters

Thank you for reading!

photos by: adela m.

paula avalon xx

Friday, 22 April 2016

BH Cosmetics review

A friend of mine recently told me about an amazing sale going on at BH Cosmetics' online store so I thought - why not check it out? Well, five hours later and $40 dollars shorter, I still do not have a clue.

Less than two weeks after my purchase I had already received the things I had bought, which includes a 14 piece set of hot pink makeup brushes, an amazing Galaxy Palette, a lipstick and lipliner in matching colors. I am more than satisfied with everything I'd bought and cannot wait until I buy something else from their site!

The first thing I'm going to show you is this stunning makeup brushes set, it has 14 different brushes all designed for a specific purpose, from eyeliner to eyebrow and blending brushes. I've been using the brushes ever since I got them and I kinda fell in love with them, not just because of the color but they are also very soft and great for everyday use.

The set also contains this adorable hot pink purse in which the brushes are stored, and it's amazing to keep them in one place, especially while travelling!

Next on, we have the Galaxy Chic palette! I've seen so many pictures of it on the internet and I was so excited when I finally purchased it. It is a bit bigger than I had expected it to be, which is definitely not a bad things cause it means that I get more eyeshadow haha.

As you can see, the palette contains of a mirror and 18 different eyeshadows. Each eyeshadow color is unique and quite eccentric, and the best thing is that every color is named after a certain object in space (Mars, Asteroid, Milky Way, etc.). They are also well pigmented and they make your eyes pop, you can easily use them in your everyday makeup routine as they also have some neutral colors, but they are definitely amazing for any special occasion or a night out.

The last two things I bought are a purple lipstick and lip liner, which go so well together! I didn't intend on buying them but as I stumbled across them I just had to have my hands on this amazing vibrant purple color!

The lip liner I got is a waterproof lip liner in the shade Brazen, and the name of the lipstick is Color Lock in the color Passionate.

Here you can see what they look like on my hand and on my lips, I love how it goes with my hair! When I put them on and dashed some baby powder on top they stayed on my mouth for hours, I had to do very little corrections after eating and it was almost impossible to wash it off my hand and lips! They are amazing and so well pigmented than I am definitely going to buy more as they remind me a lot of MAC's lipstics, but are much cheaper.

 To conlude, I am in love with everything I had purchased from BH Cosmetics and you have my recommendations to do the same.

*not sponsored*

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paula avalon xx

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

all black with a pink.

If you have ever met a person lazier than me, please let me know so I can congratulate them as my situation is definitely getting out of hand. I have been meaning to post this for almost a month but always find excuses for not doing it - whether it's school, concerts, sleep, doesn't even matter. But. I must do what makes me happy, so I finally decided to sit down and write this post.

So many good and bad things have happened recently which have both filled me up and drained me. Constant going outs and making memories with my closest friend and many new ones has made me appreciate certain things more, and I feel grateful for everything that has happened. In the next few months which are leading to my high school graduation and *hopefully* enrolling into my desired University I will try to focus more on good things and have a positive lookout on life to avoid many stressful situations that I can feel are already coming my way. But, not to get too philosophical or cheesy (maybe some other time), what I have for you today is a new outfit post!

 What I am wearing is just a simple school day outfit because I am giving up on trying to look cute for school and am mourning over my no motivation and lack of sleep :) . This all black outfit contains of a black lace shirt which I got at Mango. It is one of my go to shirts for days like this, especially because it is so easy to style. I've got a black vest from H&M on as it still gets colder in the morning, and my high waisted dark grey jeans from H&M.

My favorite and go to clothing item this year has definitely been my new woolen coat which I got at Primark, it is so soft and quite warm, plus it gives every outfit a pop of color! I don't remember when was the last time I bought something colored, especially pink, so this is something which should definitely be remembered hahah. 

 When it comes to accessories, I only wore one big ring which I got as a gift (so I have no idea where it's from), and as usual my black Maurice Lacroix watch. The black leather bag I have on is from Primark and it's actually a backpack which I carry to school, I also wear it around town as more things are able to fit in there, plus I am not a big fan of purses haha. As you can see, I have my new classic black Vans on because the old ones were so worn out my mom forbid me to wear them anymore. And last, my sunglasses which I somehow broke a couple of days ago were a steal from ebay.

shirt // mango ; jeans & vest //  h&m ; coat & backpack // primark ; shoes // vans

photos by: Irma V.
Thank you for reading!

love always,
paula avalon

Sunday, 20 March 2016


One of the most important fashion events in Zagreb is definitely the BIPA FASHION.HR fashion week, and this year I had the honor to attend the third night with one of my friends. My first fashion show was such an amazing experience that I can only hope to go next year too. I would also like to thank my friends from Side Project who were so kind to give me an invitation and applaud them on their amazing performance at the show! Thank you♥

What I wore to the show was pretty much a basic outfit, I had my black jeans from H&M on and a new black long blazer (also from H&M) which I loved so much, it gave the look both a formal and alternative vibe, but to be a bit more edgy I also had my Smoked Purple lipstick by MAC on, it is such an amazing color! The shirt and the bag are both vintage, both used to belong to my Grandma but I may or may have not stolen them. The shoes are from H&M and the pink woolen coat is from Primark.

The show took off with OBEKEI, a brand which I had no idea existed until then and I am so sorry about that because it absolutely fascinated me. I loved the color schemes, everything looked grungy and like something any street style wearer would love. Everything was black, white, gray and some pieces had an orange accent, which definitely made it much more interesting. Most items were laid back and kinda basic, but at the same time amazing. I would love to have something my them in my closet.

Another amazing designer who swept me off my feet was Gala Vrbanić. No colors but still so energetic and eccentric, her clothes were futuristic and interesting, they all had something similar but each outfit was special in its own way. She played with different shapes and sizes which gave every look a dynamic vibe, and it is humble to say that I loved it.

The shows ended with one of my favourite Croatian brands - Coded Edge. As their name says, their clothes are edgy, alternative, and most important of all - black. The new collection absolutely amazed me and with it they just confirmed their status of being on top. This was their fifth collection and so far their best one, they are evolving and getting better by each show, its not even a question whether they are going to world famous one day. Being so irreplaceable and with a style that is so unique, I am so happy I got to see their show, and just can't wait to see the new one.

The way they closed the show was one of the most amazing things ever, when the models finished their walk, the wall behind them opened and we could see two floating figures, dressed in long black drapes. The figures were the amazing Side Project, whose electric and haunting performance gave this already fascinating show and extra blast. A mixture of their vocals and the last walk were such an amazing combination that everyone was left speechless, and there couldn't have been a more amazing way to end this already amazing evening.

love always,
paula avalon xx