fur coat coziness

by - Friday, January 13, 2017

If you're wondering what I'm actually doing with my life, well, right now I caught myself staring out of my window looking at the snow for 10 minutes straight with a cup of tea in my hands and sad indie music in the background, not even realising how much time had passed. All of a sudden, after seeing how heavily it is snowing, I am kinda glad I have no plans for this weekend, bless.

Winter is officially here, and after years of thinking about it, I finally managed to ask my grandma about her fur coat. Without much hesitation she gave it to me to try it out and I kinda fell in love with it. And now, it is mine. And yes, it is real fur, and yes, it is the warmest and cosiest thing I have ever worn. 

 As it is quite eye catching, especially because of its size, I decided the rest of the outfit should be neutral. Thus, I am wearing a simple white crop top which I matched with high waisted black leather jeans, both from Primark.

 For the small details, I am wearing a set of Creative Mess necklaces (with which I had a collaboration and shoot for a campaign), one is a sheer black choker and the other is a simple golden necklace with a circle. They are a small brand held by a student, they offer a great amount of different styles, both long necklaces, chokers and earrings, and their pricing is so affordable! Definitely check them out if you're interested!

These simple but cute sunglasses are from zeroUV, I got them a year ago and I still adore them. If you notice anything a bit different from my usual style, it is probably the black leather bag that I have, I got it recently at Mohito,  and I love it because it so simple and you can wear it both in your hands or on your shoulder, plus, so many things fit into it! And, it's black. As usual, I am wearing my ankle high black leather boots from H&M, which are so perfect for this changing weather.

shirt & jeans // primark
fur coat // vintage, custom made
necklaces // creative mess
sunglasses // zeroUV
bag // mohito
shoes // h&m

photos by: irma v. (instagram, facebook page)

thank you for reading!

love always,
paula avalon xx

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