INmusic, day 2.~

by - Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The sound of Dora's brother wandering through the kitchen at 12.30 = the sound of waking up. Still exhausted even after 8 hours of sleep, we manged (with a lot of effort) to get up and eat a good health breakfast on the balcony. It had already started raining and it was cold, so we just go back into bed for a few hours before realising what time it was.

On Day 2 we only wanted to see two concerts, La Roux and Rudimental. After it took us ages to get ready we managed to show up at 10pm, just in time for La Roux (on whose conecert we stayed for only 15 minutes and then just went to the Nargilla Chill Out place).

Wonder why it took us ages to get ready? Well, we had a lot of glitter. And we just had to put it on. See for yourself.

Feeling this fabulous was probably the best thing ever, and we're doing this again for day 3. So many people told us we looked fantastic, and we felt fantastic, we really did.

This day was the chillest day ever, we spent the most time by ourselves but still found the others after Rudimental played and went to Nargilla again. 


The only concert we saw and it was amazing, even though we could barely move or feet because of the rain. They were so energetic and knew how to communicate with the crown, which I loved. One guy even wore our football jersey! Their genre is drum and bass, if it hadn't rained we would've had such a great time, but we did dance, especially during Free and Waiting All Night.

As some of you know, I really do love INmusic, but there is one thing that I really do mind - the freaking rain. In all three years that I've been to IN there was at least one day when it rained. But guys, it's on a lake and it's on meadows. And after a few hours of rain and concerts, there are no meadow, they're MUDows. There is no way I could go without my Docs and a raincoat, and this year Dora and I decided to spice things up.

We went on a two hour quest to find raincoats and we found everything (glitter, camera, food..) except the raincoats. But then, as we were walking home from the town on a market we passed a small random shop and just decided to ask. And they freaking had them *happy noises*. The lady gave us two raincoats, both yellow, and they reminded us of someting - Breaking Bad. So, guess what we did, he best DIY project ever. 

Some random guys actually laughed when they saw us, mission complete. It was much easier to find each other and we really did feel like two druglords.

Thank you for reading, and till tomorrow!

love always,
paula avalon xx

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