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by - Thursday, August 03, 2017

Somewhere between dying of the heat and binge watching Entourage for hours, I found time to finally meet up with my friend Luka from Expensive Reality for a long needed early morning coffee, hangout and a shoot. Nothing much, a black and white outfit as usual, but this time with a twist, a throat twist.

If you're a part of the "alternative music" scene, you probably own a dozen shirts from your favourite bands, but people somehow neglect the bands from their hometowns. Not all, don't get me wrong, but when you do you research, you can find some truly amazing bands. And so, thanks to my friend, I found ThroaTTwisteR, a band which describe themselves as "a mix of groove/math/hc riffs interconnecting with precision drums that splash into a growling low end and finishes off with a nonparallel vocal onslaught." Pretty brutal right? Well, so are their shirts; a super detailed black design from Cao Oac on a white shirt is exactly what everyone needs, and what makes it even better, is that you know you're supporting your local band. So, if you're into that type of music, check out their Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp page. Plus, they even have their own beer, when will you be as cool as that?

I matched the ThroaTTwister tee with plain black high waisted shorts from Pull&Bear, to keep the centre of the outfit on the shirt and it's design. One of my favourite recent purchases is the Nike hat I got at Asos, so lets just thank the universe for summer sales. Other than that, I am wearing a black backpack and my fav sneakers, Nike Roshe. Considering jewelry, I am wearing a Circle choker from Creative Mess chokers, just a subtle touch to this casual outfit. Oh and remember, support your local band.

shirt // throatwister
shorts // pull&bear
shoes & hat // nike
choker // creative mess chokers

photos by: luka l (expensive reality)

Thank you for reading!

love always,
paula avalon xo

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