things avalon loves, part I. ~

by - Monday, August 18, 2014

After a very positive feedback from you guys I decided to continue making posts on this blog, and so I started a (first) new series - things avalon loves~

The first things that I love and have a still small collection of, are minerals. Most women prefer diamonds, but theres just something in minerals that I love. The first one I bought was the fluorite one, bought in 7th grade, but the main addiction started this year when I bought the quartz at a small mineral store here in Zagreb. Then my best friend and I bought matching ones, I bought the green marble and she bought the black one. One day Nataša and I went to the town and bought 2 minerals, the agate and the rosen quartz, which we will both later make into pendants for necklaces. And last but not least important, the amethyst I bought this summer at Nin, a lovely ball one attached to a necklace already. So lovely, all of them.

Pictures are here below, and I just hope I'll be adding more minerals soon. :)

~ the whole collection~

Rosen Quartz - stone of the heart
Quartz - the supreme gift of Mother Earth

Agate - stone of strength

Fluorite - highly protective and stabilizing

Amethyst - stone of protection and spirituality

and that's it lovelies, thank you for reading. ♥

Paula Avalon

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