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by - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

If you want to live a healthy life you have to do sports, and what will make you like sports more than wearing your favourite teams jearseys and hats? Fanatics is here just for that, offering you a chance to choose which ever style and colour that suit and fit you best! I have been asked to promote their Hat selection and choose a hat I liked the most.


here are some of the examples of styling your SF hat! loved these!

The hat I chose is the San Francisco Giants hat that has a black on black style scheme and a 3D embroidered logo, both on the crown and on the back. It is so easy to style because of the color, and it's an amazing way to show that you're a sports fan in a cool and stylish way! What is even more amazing is that it is 100% wool and has a structured fit, so you can find the one which will suit you perfectly. I chose this one is because of it's simplicity and uniqueness, it's easy to style with most clothing and styles, and thus makes a perfect accessory for anyone who wants to tell the world they like the Giants!

What I especially loved about this hat is the style and color combination. Snapbacks are one of the best ways to accent your sport spirit in the way you dress while being stylish at the same time. Black on black gives it a cool vibe and makes it wearable and easy to match with so many different styles, you can pull of a grunge one with wearing high waisted bleached short and a black crop top, or even a fancy one which is showed below!

San Francisco Giants hat, you can get it here 

 // shirt , shorts , vans , rings , watch //

 Fanatics also have a great selection of modern day sports clothes and accessory, and for a big number of different sports and leagues too, such as the NHL, MLB, NFL and even NBA. You can easily find your favourite team and search through a great number or hats, shirts, jerseys and collectibles, there is something for everyone! Step up your style by getting one of the hats in the MLB hat selection and combining it with your favourite shirt in the best way possible, I guarantee you'll find something for yourself!

Thank you for reading!

love always,
paula avalon xx

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