by - Sunday, March 20, 2016

One of the most important fashion events in Zagreb is definitely the BIPA FASHION.HR fashion week, and this year I had the honor to attend the third night with one of my friends. My first fashion show was such an amazing experience that I can only hope to go next year too. I would also like to thank my friends from Side Project who were so kind to give me an invitation and applaud them on their amazing performance at the show! Thank you♥

What I wore to the show was pretty much a basic outfit, I had my black jeans from H&M on and a new black long blazer (also from H&M) which I loved so much, it gave the look both a formal and alternative vibe, but to be a bit more edgy I also had my Smoked Purple lipstick by MAC on, it is such an amazing color! The shirt and the bag are both vintage, both used to belong to my Grandma but I may or may have not stolen them. The shoes are from H&M and the pink woolen coat is from Primark.

The show took off with OBEKEI, a brand which I had no idea existed until then and I am so sorry about that because it absolutely fascinated me. I loved the color schemes, everything looked grungy and like something any street style wearer would love. Everything was black, white, gray and some pieces had an orange accent, which definitely made it much more interesting. Most items were laid back and kinda basic, but at the same time amazing. I would love to have something my them in my closet.

Another amazing designer who swept me off my feet was Gala Vrbanić. No colors but still so energetic and eccentric, her clothes were futuristic and interesting, they all had something similar but each outfit was special in its own way. She played with different shapes and sizes which gave every look a dynamic vibe, and it is humble to say that I loved it.

The shows ended with one of my favourite Croatian brands - Coded Edge. As their name says, their clothes are edgy, alternative, and most important of all - black. The new collection absolutely amazed me and with it they just confirmed their status of being on top. This was their fifth collection and so far their best one, they are evolving and getting better by each show, its not even a question whether they are going to world famous one day. Being so irreplaceable and with a style that is so unique, I am so happy I got to see their show, and just can't wait to see the new one.

The way they closed the show was one of the most amazing things ever, when the models finished their walk, the wall behind them opened and we could see two floating figures, dressed in long black drapes. The figures were the amazing Side Project, whose electric and haunting performance gave this already fascinating show and extra blast. A mixture of their vocals and the last walk were such an amazing combination that everyone was left speechless, and there couldn't have been a more amazing way to end this already amazing evening.

love always,
paula avalon xx

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