Bipa s/s 2017.

by - Wednesday, April 05, 2017

 As a fashion design student & a blogger, one of the most exciting things for me is going to fashion shows, and this year, thanks to the amazing brand Klisab & my friend Luka I attended 2 out of 4 shows of this season's Bipa Fashion week.

My first day was the second day, and I was really looking forward to seeing some of my fav Croatian designers as well as some new ones. The show started with a performance by Coded Edge, displaying their new collection in a very interesting way. The first actual show was by Obekei, a young designer, who displayed a lot of brown & green tones, as well as lots of military patterns. After Obekei, came Yuniku, with a very feminine collection full of pinks, whites & black, as well as glitter eyes on almost every outfit. The third show was Anthony Avangard, the only male collection this year. He showed a twist on male fashion, bringing lots of neon colours & statement shirts. After him, it was Jamoi, with lots of oversized and flowy designs.

Anthony Avangard
My favourite show of that evening was Klisab, a designer duo from Zagreb, who showed some new trends, combining different fabrics together as well as different styles, brining hope to the Croatian fashion scene. I loved how they mixed both dark and bright hues, and I can only hope they continue to grow and make a statement with their next show too. Definitely a great first Bipa Fashion Week show for them!

 That evening I was accompanied by a lot of my very good friends, Lada, Adela & Nika, and there we met up with my fav Croatian blogger Jelena. What I wore that evening is a vintage black blouse which I stole from my grandma's closet & on top of that a simple black leather jacket from H&M. I finally got to wear these amazing trousers from Mango, and as they are a big longer I wore my new black velvet heels from Shoe Box.

Adela, me, Jelena, Lada, Filip & Nika

The last shows were on Saturday, I was accompanied by my fellow blogger and very dear friend Luka from Expensive Reality. My expectations weren't that high, so I was quite surprised by the shows.

It started with a brand called Luka, who displayed a great variety of sea inspired textiles, which reminded us all of the coast and the sea, with patterns such as octopi & jellyfish. After Luka, it was Ines Atelier, and I was left speechless. An absolutely amazing Serbian designer, who not only had some amazing designs, but also showed so many different styles which can be worn for so many different occasions. Varying from flow floral to sparkly dresses, this designer stunned me with her amazing ideas, and left me looking forward to seeing her next show.

Ines Atelier
After this amazing show, it was time for Marina Design, and I loved the bags she had! They were so colourful & they made every outfit pop a bit more. Arileo was next, and they had some amazing pieces. Their theme was feminine and a bit edgy, with lots of lace & neutral tones. The last show of the season was by Bite my Style, one of Croatia's most famous designers. They followed their usual style, bringing lots of colours and oversized designs, as well as their trademark comic book pattern.

Bite my Style
That day I decided not to dress up as much as I had plans after the show, so I wore my oversized black shirt from H&M, as well as some ripped jeans from Stradivarius. My fav pieces of this outfit are definitely the red fish nets & this thrifted oversized coat with a green checkered pattern. The shoes are black leather ones from Pull&Bear.

Luka & I
All in all, I am so happy I got to attend these shows & see what the Croatian scene is up to. Looking forward to October!

love always,
paula avalon xx

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