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by - Wednesday, October 01, 2014

This week has been so amazing and I've been so busy but no worries, I still haven't forgotten about this little blog of mine. I have something really big to tell you guys, and I only found about this a couple of days ago -  I'm coming to America! Yes, yes, yes, yes! My school is sending me and 9 other students to Clearwater, FL, for a week on an exchange and I am so freaking excited about it I can't even express myself. I will be doing posts based just on that later this month, but for now, this is just another outfit post. 

Also, another big announcement, from next week I am going to have two girls taking my photos, Nika & Nataša. Each one will be behind the camera for a week and then the other will come. This feels like it has become a real job even though I'm not getting payed, but I really enjoy doing this. God knows, maybe one day it will become a job of mine. :)

shirt - second hand
vest - mango
skirt - h&m
knee highs  - h&m
creepers - primark
ring - ornament


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  1. There's nothing like waking up in the morning and drinking your morning coffee. :) Love the knee high socks!


    1. i know, it's the best. :)
      thank you <3