i swear this isn't the end~

by - Friday, October 03, 2014

Finally, the end of another school and worries filled week, time for weekend and coffee in the mornings with my friends. The other day I bought some cool lenses for my phone, a fish eye one and a micro/macro one and I can't wait for them to arrive and I just hope I'll take some pretty good photos while I'm in Florida. Even though it's in a month and I'll only be staying there for a week, I have already began packing some stuff up and buying things for my hosts there. Apparently, Clearwater is the sunniest place in the world so summer, here I come! <3

But until then, I'm still gonna be in Croatia where autumn just began.

dress - h&m
vest - h&m
boots - bata

paula avalon

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  1. Hi! I just recently found your blog and I love it. You are beautiful and your fashion sense is more than admirable :) Thanks for doing these posts!

  2. Awe love this ensemble!! So adorable!!


  3. so cute dress :D