things avalon loves, part II.~

by - Sunday, December 14, 2014

If you have paid close attention to my outfit posts, you should have noticed that I always wear rings, and so I have decided that they should be the second thing that I cover in my "things avalon loves" series!

To keep organised, I have all my rings placed in a jewelry box that I got as a present. On the left side you have plain silver rings & on the right side plain gold ones, and then, in the middle you have the ones which have some kind of a design on them or a rock/glass piece. The newest one in the collection is the thrird one in the second row which I got from Natasa as a birthday gift, it was made by a Croatian artist Tanja Curin, whose works you can check out here .

Most of my rings are from H&M because they have the best designs for the cheapest price, but the ones I love the most are from Ornament, and that is the second one in the first row. I love big rings, especially if they have rocks or minerals, this one I got from my dad last Christmas, and I wear it constantly. 

And if you're still trying to count how many I have, it's 65. It's kind of an addiction, really, I can never have enough.

Thank you guys for reading, love you all. I'm close to 2000 views already, but I still have only a few followers. When I reach 100 followers I will be doing a small giveaway, so share and stay tuned!

paula avalon xo

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