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by - Monday, December 29, 2014

If you follow me on instagram you should know that I visited Prague & Telc during the last couple of days. My parents, my best friend Petra & I took off from Zagreb on Friday, 26. December. It was a long bus drive but we finally arrived to Prague at 4pm and went to the city to see it during the night, which was a brilliant idea because the city absolutely stunning!

The next morning, we went on a guided tour but soon decided that it was too cold for that (it was -7 degrees Celsius, I mean seriously) so just went to Hard Rock Cafe and then around the city. We had our morning coffee there and then met our friends with whom we had lunch with next to the Charles bridge and tried some Czech cusine, which was delicious. The view over Charles bridge is magnificent, but the city was too crowded so we couldn't experience the true magic of it. 

Prague itself is gorgeous and filled with delicious food (trdelnik was my favorite), rich history and lovely people. The architecture of the city left me speachless, all of the buildings are different and unique, painted in bright colours and they just remind you of the old ages! My favourite building in Prague was the st. Vitus Cathedral because of the stained glass windows which were on every wall of the church. The arches were so high and you just couldn't help but feel small, but yet, high.

After strolling around the town for a while we decided to go shopping! The only thing I bought was a Hard Rock Cafe shirt which I fell in love with & will be appearing on the blog soon, and a couple of MAC lipsticks, which are my favourite brand. We took the tram to the hotel and just talked and had fun for a bit before going to sleep because the next day we were already heading home.

On our way back we made a stop at a small city Telc from Renaissance. We only spend an hour there and saw a couple of buildings, including the square which was so amazing because every house surrounding it was in a different colour and everything looked so bright and colorful, and let's not forget the snow!

And so we entered our bus again and went to Zagreb, on 28 December. This was my first time in Prague and I loved the city, and I am visiting it again this summer, so I will get an even better experience then as I will be visiting it with my school for a couple of days, and then it will not be as cold so I will be more focused on what surrounds me and not how to stay warm haha. Hope you liked the pictures (they are all mine) and if you have any questions about the trip feel free to ask me in the comments. The tour agency with which we went is Atlas and it was a three day trip.

paula avalon xx

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  1. Stunning photos, you really have a talent! One of my close friends is Slovak and visits the Czech Republic all the time, it sounds amazing and I really want to go there some day ♡

    1. thank you so much! <3
      oh you definitely should, it's an amazing experience :)