never let me go.~

by - Saturday, January 03, 2015

New year - new post! As you can see, it finally snowed in Zagreb! I went to a couple of second hand stores today and bought a cute cardigan for just a dollar, pretty cool right? And then, ofcourse, went to my favourite cafe called Li La and had delicious white hot chocolate. Loved it! 

I am wearing my fav and first pair of Dr. Martens and a blazer, because you know, it's really cold. My NASA shirt brought some colour to the outfit and I just love the shirt because it's really comfortable! I am wearing the headscarf I bought in Salzburg a month ago and my pair of grey jeans. 

boots // dr. martens; shirt // urban outfitters; blazer // stradivarius; jeans // h&m

paula avalon xx

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