i bleached my hair and now its white~

by - Thursday, September 18, 2014

So if you haven't read the title, I have white hair now! This had been my dream for years now and this Saturday it finally happened and I couldn't be happier.

My hair is naturally dark blonde and curly, so I had to bleach it twice (I went to a hair salon to get it bleached, I find it much easier and more secure). After the second bleach the hairdresser put on the hair colour to make it silvery, but it still had some blonde streaks all over it so I had to buy the silver shampoo to take the blonde streaks out of it. I bought the Swiss-O-Par for that (it was about $5, even though I heard the Keune one is the best, but it was $15 and I unfortunately didn't have enough money at the time)  and I'm quite satisfied with it.

Since my hair is extremely damaged, I bought a new Les Petit Marseillais shampoo for hair damage with blueberry extract & safflower oil and a hair mask by Schwarzkopf for the damage too, which helped a lot and made it softer. I keep them both on my hair for a couple of minutes just in case. :)

If any of you are considering bleaching your hair this white I hope this helps, any additional questions you can ask in the comments <3

There are more pics here below so you can see it more clearly. ^_^

paula avalon

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