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Robert Sever

Better two weeks late than never, right? Or is that just something that I tell myself everytime I (over)procrastinate doing something to make myself feel better? Anyway, I finally sat down, went through the photos and decided to write a short recap/review of this years fall/winter edition of BIPA, which I attended for two days, day 3 & day 4.

The first show of the season, for me, was Robert Sever's, a highly acclaimed and famous Croatian designer whose clothes always have a dose of femininity and elegance. What makes this collection stand out from his other ones is the colour, as he switched his usually wide palette for only red and black, bringing a sensual vibe to every look. His variety of coats and dresses is what I liked the most - from midi to maxi, each and every one made special with the touches of patterns, frills and lace. Robert managed to combine semi-tranparent materials with classic winter clothes, making something I would usually only wear during hot months wearable even in this weather. All in all, a great pret-a-porter collection where the designer stepped outside of his comfort zone and created some amazing looks, where every woman can find something for herself (I'd like the coat in the pic above, thank you hahah). 

Robert Sever

Robert Sever
Robert's shows are always a bit 'fancy', so I decided to dress like that. I went with my new red asymmetrical dress from Zara, with black flower details made from velvet which turn green when hit with light from certain angles (amazing, right?). I paired that with a dark red lipstick (BH Cosmetics), plain black tights and my new ShoeBox shoes, and of course, a black coat - a girl's gotta stay warm. 

@mateamiljan & me

Day 4 was reserved for Croatia's young designers - Twins, Staša Design, Jelena Holec and Klisab. 

Even though I had heard about Twins before, I truly saw how amazing they are when I attended their show lasts season, but this time they blew me away. This young duo, which consists of Domagoj Štimac and Damir Begović, stuck to their 50's Yugonostalgic vibe and transformed it into a young futuristic look by using bright colours and not-so-conventional materials. Big skirts, oversized coats and T-Shirts with funny and original texts are staple Twins pieces, and something that when you look at it, you just know they designed it. 

Up next was Staša Design, a Croatian designer with a London address, whose collection is minimalism at it's best. A nude palette mixed with black and whites, feminine and modest clothes with a hint of eastern vibes, and what I loved most - bamboo bags. Truly a collection of classic pieces with a twist, a bit for every women's taste.

Unlike Staša, Jelena Holec showed us what dark fantasies, expensive taste and fancy dressing look like when mixed, with a collection of dresses and coats, all unique in style, pattern and texture. Staying true to herself, she stuck with a dark palette and made every single piece special with her eye for detail - adding frills, volume and lace. 

Jelena Holec
The last show of the night were another amazing young duo of designers, Marko Šabarić and Tomislav Kliškinić, better known as Klisab. I've been a fan of theirs for years now, and I love seeing their style evolve and get even better with each season. If these two know something - it's coats and bags. They always play with patchwork, buttons and visible seams, but stick to their dark and sophisticated palette which brings their signature look of feminine power. Every it girl either wants or already has one of their bags, and this season they experimented by making small ones that you can carry around your neck and some bigger crossbody ones. A very mature and sophisticated collection which showed us why we should look out for them even more, because with every season we can see what they truly bring to this world, and I have no doubts for their future.  


My date for the night was my dear friend Donovan, and we both went for colorblocking our outfits (and no, this wasn't planned). I wanted to go for an outfit that would be a mix of modern and vintage, so I wore this super oversized blue blazer that I got at a second hand store & just tied it around the waist with a black belt. My jeans are from Stradivarius, these chunky boots are H&M and the bag is Mango. As long as most of the outfit is black, I have no problem wearing it, black is always my go to choice, blue is 100% something new and bold for me, but I am glad I decided to mix it up - it's good to step out of you comfort zone every now and then. 

Donovan & me

All in all, I am happy to have seen these amazing designers showcase what they've worked so hard on and I am excited to see what they have in mind for the next season, good luck guys! <3

thank you for reading!
love always,
paula avalon xoxo

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