barcelona, september 2017.

by - Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hola! And yes, that is one of the 5 words I learned during my trip to Barcelona. But words don't really count as much as memories do, and trust me, I have a lot of good ones that I will cherish forever. 

My trip to Barcelona started early morning on Saturday, 02.09., and when I mean early I mean I had to wake up at 3.30am. During my week there, I stayed with my mum's friend's family in a lovely neighbourhood which is only 5 minutes away from the beach (goals tbh). Luckily, they have a 16 year old daughter named Angela (make sure you follow this beauty on Instagram) who was my guide throughout the city. And what a lovely city Barcelona is. 

We started our first day with a walk throughout the city and in the first couple of hours I was already left speechless by how amazing and beautiful Barcelona is. A mix of an amazing relaxing beach and a bustling centre, rich with history, it really has something to offer to everybody.


On Sunday, we spent our morning hiking to the bunkers, remains from where people used to hide from war, to enjoy the view it has of the city. There you can truly see how big the city is, after all it does have 4 million people living there, and also see many of it's biggest sights, such as Sagrada Familia.

If you're not a fan of Gaudi, you'll be after you visit Barcelona. Casa Batllo and Casa Mila are located only a minute away from each other and they both show just how much thought can go into one house, from the decorations, roof and the theme of the house. I went into Casa Batllo and I was amazed, the feel of the house is like you're in a submarine, but then again, the balconies are shaped like skulls and the roof is like a dragon's back. A ma zing. 

Park Guell is the perfect getaway from the busy city centre, with a beautiful view over the city throughout the park and some of Gaudi's most famous work - the staircase and the colorful lizard. But what this architect is most famous for is the amazing Sagrada Familia Basilica. Still in works, and expected to finish in 2026., this building is a sight which leaves you breathless. More than 170m high, 18 towers, a detailed front and an even more detailed inside, you could've left me inside for 5 hours and I wouldn't mind. There are no words I can think of to describe the magnificence of this Basilica, just go there, trust me, go.

Another religious building which is worth a visit is Barcelona's Cathedral which is a lovely gothic building located in the Gothic Quarter, within walking distance from most famous sights. This neighbourhood was my favourite one, as it is so rich with history, but you can still find super cute cafes & amazing street art there. 

Something everyone has to visit, and grab a drink at, is their market called La Boqueria situated in the middle of the most famous street La Rambla. It offers a ton of fruit, vegetables, fish, and healthy snacks you can grab and head over to Park de la Ciutadella for an afternoon picnic. While there, you should roam around a bit and just enjoy the landscape and the greenery located in the centre. A perfect place for a siesta. 

As most big European cities, Barcelona too has an arch in the centre, and it's called Arc de Triomf and it leads you into the Ciutadella Park. A very cool place to walk around and take pictures, and maybe just stop for a second to enjoy the vibe of the city. Something else I loved about the city is how many flea markets they have! I only got to visit one, but I will definitely do more research on them next time I'm in Barcelona hehe.

And of course, I left the best one for the end, the beach. A big sandy beach filled with locals and tourists, cute cafes and restaurants, people playing volleyball, and swimming in the vast sea in front of them. You can walk along the beach for half an hour, that's how long it is, and enjoying the sunset, sunrise, sand castles and live music. Is there anything else you could want?


Two most important I have to say - you can't go wrong with anything you order & be ready to eat a lot of sea food. Personally, I never tried any type of sea food beside fish and scampi, but I was blown away by how good sea shells can be, especially mussels. Oh, and be ready to live on bread with tomato sauce, it's a signature appetiser if you ask me. Something most people think of when we're talking about Spanish food is tapas. And I love it. Basically, Spanish people are all about constantly hanging out and sharing everything, and that is visible in their food as well - in tapas. In case you don't know what it is, you basically order a bunch of food which comes in small sizes so you can all share it. How beautiful and amazing is that?

When it comes to drinks, you need to try Sangria, basically an official alcoholic drink when it comes to Spain, but something that I liked more was Sangria Cava, which is same as regular, except it's made with champagne instead of red wine. If you're more of a beer person (like me), make sure you try some of their local craft ones, they will not disappoint! Most of them are citrusy, capturing Barcelona in a single sip.


If you're an art freak like I am, you're up for a small treat. In the Gothic Quarter you can find the amazing Picasso museum, with artwork from all his periods, situated in a lovely traditional house in the centre of Barcelona. If you're up for a bit of a trip, get a bus or the funicular to the Montjuic hill and go to Joan Miro Foundation, a great museum dedicated to Miro where you can find his carpets, paintings, drawings and sculptures. Other than that, the city is like a living museum with street art all over the town, from graffiti to murals, there is something on every corner.

All in all, this city has definitely climbed on top of my favourite cities, and a place where I can definitely see myself living one day. Let's cross our fingers for that. To see more about what I did in Barcelona, make sure you check out my YouTube video and subscribe if you want to see more of them!

photos by me

Thank you for reading!

love always,
paula avalon xx

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  1. Super fotke! Ja iskreno ne ludujem nesto za Spanjolskom, vise me privlace neke hladnije zemlje, ali ovo tvoje bas sve lijepo izgleda :)

    1. Hvala ti puno! Vidis ja sam skroz suprotno, meni samo da je toplo haha <3