santorini, 2017.

by - Saturday, July 08, 2017

Even two weeks after coming back home from Greece I am still obsessing over it and constanly looking through pictures. So far, this has been the prettiest trip I've ever been on, best 4 days of my life, and I would like to thank the amazing Wipfli family for everything they've done for me! Coming back here as soon as I have a chance.

I was in Santorini for four days, from 21. to 24. of June & we stayed at an amazing hotel near Fira, Santorini's biggest city. After having a lovely dinner, while listening to some authentic music played by the locals, and a get together with the family on our first night, next day Aubrey, Gracie and I went to Oia. Of course, we spent the entire morning lounging by our pool and simply enjoying the view we had, but we decided to explore the island a bit more. Oia, or Ia as the Greeks call it, is the cutest place on the planet and exactly what I imagined Santorini to look like, filled with white houses, flowers and lovely restaurants and streets.

Every bit of this lovely town is worth taking a picture of, I swear. After roaming around for a bit, we decided to sit down for lunch and enjoy some greek specialties, such as the greek salad, feta cheese whit honey and sesame and a traditional Oian pasta, and of course, we tried Ouzo.

If you know me, you'll know I'm the biggest sucker for pretty sunsets you'll ever meet in your life, and yes, the picture under is the sunset I got to see for 3 days straight. Can't even imagine anyone ever getting tired of seeing this every day, it is a view that can heal even the most broken soul.

Next day, also our last full day there, we took a short trip to Fira, where we enjoyed a very tasty smoothie with an amazing view. What I loved about Santorini is how casual everything is, no rush, just enough time to do everything as well as have some fun. Later that day, we went on a Sunset Cruise around the island where we finally got the chance to swim in the sea! That shade of blue was so hard to resist, plus the views of the island we had were absolutely breathtaking.

The perfect view for the end of this perfect trip was watching this sunset, in the middle of the sea, with almost no one around us. We were all just sitting on the deck, silently watching the Sun go down bit by bit. Can't even remember the last time I felt that calm, relaxed and blessed.

So yes, Santorini is beautiful, stunning, amazing, and every single good adjective I can't think of right now. Greek culture, food and architecture has been some of the best I've seen & experienced in my life, and first chance I get, I am coming back to this tiny bit of paradise on Earth.

photos by: me

thank you for reading!

love always,
paula avalon xo

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