the first one, the intro.

by - Monday, August 11, 2014

Seems like my whole teenage life has led up to this point, opening an actual blog. I've already spent thousands of hours blogging on tumblr, but this is completely different, this takes courage. And I think I just may be brave enough.

The biggest question is, what made me brave enough? The asnwer still isn't clear to me. It may have been that I can barely close my closet doors and I still somehow convinved my mom to take me shopping on Wednesday, or the fact that I decided that I should let myself do what I want and what interestes me despite of my fears. Fashion is what I love, people thinking that it's stupid will not convince me otherwise. It is a way to express yourself, your soul, your dreams and your fears. Just think of that moment when you see the dress that you've been looking for the last few weeks or that eyeshadow colour that would look so good with that one lipstick. That's what I want my life to be made of, small moments of joy, because the small things matter in life much more than the big ones, but I guess we will only truly learn that over the years.

So yes. This is my blog, my life, dedicated to my love of fashion, beauty, creativity & design.

Hope you'll stay & join me.

Paula Avalon

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