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by - Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another Friday, another exhibition. Nataša and I are kind of making this our thing, Fridays afternoon in the city centre visiting museums and galleries. This friday we visited the Modern Gallery in Zagreb and I absolutely loved it, the art they have is absolutely amazing and the guard was really nice and let me take some pictures inside (thank you kind lady). 

As the weather is freezing at the moment, I'm wearing my black Docs, they never disappoint me. As it is a gallery, I wore my vintage white shirt which I found in my grandma's closet and a basic black cardigan from H&M. My favourite part of the outfit is the scarf, my Mum got it from a friend who bought it in Afghanistan and I just love the pattern (unfortunately, you can't see it as the light was very low and most pictures turned out blurry). 

paula avalon xx

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