polka dots kinda day~

by - Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You may or may not have noticed that there is a special bond between me and Saturdays. I am still not sure what it is that makes us so close, the feeling of calmness, enthusiasm and pure happiness I guess. Well, this Saturday was an amazing Saturday. 

First, Nika and I went shopping at Arena, where she bought two new mobile cases and I bought a pretty white dress, and of course, got Bubble Tea. When we were done with shopping, we went to the city centre and had a shoot at the Upper Town and by then, we were both quite hungry and decided to go eat at Pani, a super cute small restaurrant near Maksimir. That decision turned out great as the food was delicious and not even that expensive. Being a person that has a sweet tooth, I need to eat something sweet after lunch, and so we went to Zagreb, a cake shop where they sell macaroons and icecream, which is super tasty. Nika soon had to be at a movie premiere and I had arranged with my friend Petra to see a play at Exit. All in all, this Saturday was lovely and I just wish I could do this every weekend.

What I'm wearing is my grandma's old Marks & Spencer polka dot shirt, which is a couple sizes too big, but way too comfortable not to be worn. As it still is quite cold outside, I wore my leather jacket from Mango and ankle boots from Bata. The boyfriend jeans and the cute half velvet, half leather bag are both from H&M, as well as rings. 

blouse // marks & spencer, jacket // mango, jeans // h&m, bag // h&m, shoes // bata

photos by: nika v

paula avalon xx

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