vintage & checkered.

by - Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Days of watching Lost (which is amazing by the way, you should start watching it if you haven't, like really, start. now. ), drinking tea and hanging out are slowly fading away as school obligations are finding their way into my everyday life, and I can't say I'm happy about it. I am, again, obsessing over The Neighbourhood's new song "R.I.P. 2 My Youth" which I recently discovered, it is definitely my September sountrack.

Now that autumn has officially started and I am freezing under 4 layers of clothing, let's have a throwback a time when I could go out just wearing a shirt, ahh summer, kinda miss you, but I just love rain too much.

My Grandma's closet is one of the best places to find cute clothing, and this is exactly where I found this black vintage shirt, as well as the black leather handbag which I constantly wear, it is timeless and minimalistic so it can go with every outfit and color combo. The cute high waisted checkered skirt is from SheIn and I just love how it goes with this oversized shirt.

My short self loves wearing these cute leather shoes from Catwalk as I always feel taller and a bit superior when I'm making my way down the street, plus they go amazingly with the leather bag. The big mineral rings which are one of my biggest obsessions are from Primark and I decided to wear the blue ones to match the blue in my skirt's pattern. As a horoscope lover I often wear my Jupiter necklace, it is so simple and it looks good when I put it under my collar. 

shirt & bag // vintage ; skirt // shein ; shoes // catwalk ; rings // primark 

photos by: nika v.

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