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by - Tuesday, April 12, 2016

If you have ever met a person lazier than me, please let me know so I can congratulate them as my situation is definitely getting out of hand. I have been meaning to post this for almost a month but always find excuses for not doing it - whether it's school, concerts, sleep, doesn't even matter. But. I must do what makes me happy, so I finally decided to sit down and write this post.

So many good and bad things have happened recently which have both filled me up and drained me. Constant going outs and making memories with my closest friend and many new ones has made me appreciate certain things more, and I feel grateful for everything that has happened. In the next few months which are leading to my high school graduation and *hopefully* enrolling into my desired University I will try to focus more on good things and have a positive lookout on life to avoid many stressful situations that I can feel are already coming my way. But, not to get too philosophical or cheesy (maybe some other time), what I have for you today is a new outfit post!

 What I am wearing is just a simple school day outfit because I am giving up on trying to look cute for school and am mourning over my no motivation and lack of sleep :) . This all black outfit contains of a black lace shirt which I got at Mango. It is one of my go to shirts for days like this, especially because it is so easy to style. I've got a black vest from H&M on as it still gets colder in the morning, and my high waisted dark grey jeans from H&M.

My favorite and go to clothing item this year has definitely been my new woolen coat which I got at Primark, it is so soft and quite warm, plus it gives every outfit a pop of color! I don't remember when was the last time I bought something colored, especially pink, so this is something which should definitely be remembered hahah. 

 When it comes to accessories, I only wore one big ring which I got as a gift (so I have no idea where it's from), and as usual my black Maurice Lacroix watch. The black leather bag I have on is from Primark and it's actually a backpack which I carry to school, I also wear it around town as more things are able to fit in there, plus I am not a big fan of purses haha. As you can see, I have my new classic black Vans on because the old ones were so worn out my mom forbid me to wear them anymore. And last, my sunglasses which I somehow broke a couple of days ago were a steal from ebay.

shirt // mango ; jeans & vest //  h&m ; coat & backpack // primark ; shoes // vans

photos by: Irma V.
Thank you for reading!

love always,
paula avalon

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