BH Cosmetics review

by - Friday, April 22, 2016

A friend of mine recently told me about an amazing sale going on at BH Cosmetics' online store so I thought - why not check it out? Well, five hours later and $40 dollars shorter, I still do not have a clue.

Less than two weeks after my purchase I had already received the things I had bought, which includes a 14 piece set of hot pink makeup brushes, an amazing Galaxy Palette, a lipstick and lipliner in matching colors. I am more than satisfied with everything I'd bought and cannot wait until I buy something else from their site!

The first thing I'm going to show you is this stunning makeup brushes set, it has 14 different brushes all designed for a specific purpose, from eyeliner to eyebrow and blending brushes. I've been using the brushes ever since I got them and I kinda fell in love with them, not just because of the color but they are also very soft and great for everyday use.

The set also contains this adorable hot pink purse in which the brushes are stored, and it's amazing to keep them in one place, especially while travelling!

Next on, we have the Galaxy Chic palette! I've seen so many pictures of it on the internet and I was so excited when I finally purchased it. It is a bit bigger than I had expected it to be, which is definitely not a bad things cause it means that I get more eyeshadow haha.

As you can see, the palette contains of a mirror and 18 different eyeshadows. Each eyeshadow color is unique and quite eccentric, and the best thing is that every color is named after a certain object in space (Mars, Asteroid, Milky Way, etc.). They are also well pigmented and they make your eyes pop, you can easily use them in your everyday makeup routine as they also have some neutral colors, but they are definitely amazing for any special occasion or a night out.

The last two things I bought are a purple lipstick and lip liner, which go so well together! I didn't intend on buying them but as I stumbled across them I just had to have my hands on this amazing vibrant purple color!

The lip liner I got is a waterproof lip liner in the shade Brazen, and the name of the lipstick is Color Lock in the color Passionate.

Here you can see what they look like on my hand and on my lips, I love how it goes with my hair! When I put them on and dashed some baby powder on top they stayed on my mouth for hours, I had to do very little corrections after eating and it was almost impossible to wash it off my hand and lips! They are amazing and so well pigmented than I am definitely going to buy more as they remind me a lot of MAC's lipstics, but are much cheaper.

 To conlude, I am in love with everything I had purchased from BH Cosmetics and you have my recommendations to do the same.

*not sponsored*

thank you for reading!

paula avalon xx

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