dots and leather.

by - Wednesday, January 11, 2017

'ello 'ello! After too many (3) months, Adela and I finally got together and shot some new pics. The day was a true spring Saturday and everything was just as it was supposed to be, plus the model and her (selfnamed) muse were together once more.

You can probably tell that I'm excited for the warm weather haha, and boy are you right. I am literally just counting day until my (FINAL) school year ends and then until prom and then the last matura exam and then bam. College enrollment. Being excited for it is kinda balancing with being scared of what future brings, but lets just cross out fingers and hope for the best. Plus, INmusic is soon.

Leather jacket weather is probably the best weather, so in this spring time outfit I am wearing a black leather jacket from H&M. The accent piece of this outfit is definitely this vintage second hand blouse which is oversized, and with whose pattern(s) I am in love with. To add some more leather, these cute high-waisted jeans are from Primark and somehow this is the first time I wore them, but definitely not the last.

To complete the look with even more leather, I am wearing these cute platform shoes by Catwalk and they definitely give this look a bit of a grungy vibe, but as I also love the vintage atmosphere of the shirt and the hairstyle I put on my super cute pale pink sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. They have become one of my go to accessories pieces as they are quite big and they add a pop of color to every outfit.


 And if you are wondering which lipstick am I wearing, it's my new one from BH Cosmetics and a piece which I will definitely be buying soon again! You can check out more about it and some other products I got from their site in this post

 jacket // h&m ; blouse // second hand ; jeans // primark ; sunglasses // urban outfitters

Thank you for reading!

photos by: adela m.

paula avalon xx

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