i'm back!

by - Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Long time no write. But not really, as I was only posting on a different blog.

While I was absent from my original blog, my dear friend Adela and I decided to open a blog together, called Alternating Paths. We mainly posted about the same things as I post here, beauty, fashion, travel, photography etc. But somehow, as I had a different mindset about it, it wasn’t really working out for me, thus I have decided to go back to posting here.

I can only hope you will continue to read my posts as you did before, and of course, share some love to Adela on her Instagram and Facebook page, as she is an amazing photographer and she is so good at everything she does. My wish is for her to still continue blogging on our blog but only under her name, so if you’re interested to see what we were doing there and what this amazing lady has to offer, make sure you over there and give her some love! 

Missed you, hope I’ll make you proud again. 

love always,

paula avalon xx

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