carnival in venice,18.02.2017.

by - Saturday, February 25, 2017

Finally, after 19 years of being alive, my time to visit Venice had finally arrived and I was the happiest I’d been in a while. My friends Adela & Irma, who are both photographers, accompanied me on this lovely trip. We saw so many beautiful sceneries, took some amazing photographs, had some delicious food, and all in all had an amazing time in this small Italian city. 


We started our journey at 4am on February 18th, and around 11am we took our first steps on the Venetian seafront. As it was the first time the three of us had been to Venice, at first we decided to listen to our tour guide, but as we are quite restless, we soon gave that up and decided to do some exploring ourselves. I had done some previous research on Venice so I knew what we had to see, but I wasn’t sure where that was, but luckily, the residents of Venice wrote guidelines on the sides of their buildings. We went to Venice mainly to explore it, but the fact that it was carnival time just made the mood of it even better. Filled with tourists, but so many people around were wearing masks and costumes, you could tell they were all having fun.

St. Mark’s square and the seafront were the main highlights when it came to costumes, and we were lucky enough to see a parade. Everything was bursting with colours and creativity, so it wasn’t hard to see why the Venetian carnival is the most famous one in the world.

We all know that to experience a city in it’s true glory, you need to get lost in it. So what did we do? Of course, tried to lose ourselves in it. Venice is full of small and hidden streets, canals and bridges, and each and every one of them has a specific vibe. If you ask me, most of the time I felt like I should’ve been wearing a renaissance dress with a mask on my face running through these streets with my friends. Maybe one day..



After hours of walking, being amazed by the colourful and specific architecture, the great Rialto bridge, as Irma said “finding the heart of Venice”, seeing their market and numeral gondolas and costumes, we decided it was time for us to sit down for lunch. We found a small family owned restaurant near the Rialto bridge, but away from the crowds, and ordered some Italian pasta. Irma and I ordered Carbonara, whereas Adela tried some tagliatteli with mushrooms, both a total hit and a traditional Italian meal.

As we didn’t have that much time left, we decided just to roam for a bit more and then sat down for a lovely Aperol Spritz down at the deck, just next to the sea with a lovely view of the ongoing parade, if you ask me, a perfect way to end such a lovely trip.


Make sure you watch my YouTube video from Venice, and follow Adela on her Instagram & Facebook page, as well as Irma on her Instagram & Facebook page.

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photos by me
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