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by - Thursday, February 09, 2017

Even though Valentine's Day is coming and I have no one to celebrate it with, lately I've been feeling so loved and appreciated by the people around me, and last week when I finally met Luka from Expensive Reality after years of knowing him over Instagram I felt loved even more. We shared an amazing Saturday morning, a shoot, a cup of tea, long walk around the city centre with the Sun shining and then a lovely lunch together. I only wish more people were like him, our conversation was just flowing and I am amazed by how focused he is on his goals and how amazingly he finishes them. If you ever need a ray of sunshine and positive energy in your life, just talk to him.

And yes, I am gonna be a basic white girl and say that I am blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people like him.

But not to dwell too much on how I'm feeling right now, let's talk about my outfit. I wanted to go for a vintage but yet grunge vibe with this one. This oversized denim jacket that I am wearing is from a thrift shop, bus the original brand is OVS. I love the 90's vibe this jacket gives the entire look and I can say that it is the central piece of the outfit. My fav piece of clothing in the look is definitely the skirt, I got it from Reserved for New Year's Eve and I absolutely love it, it is a bit shiny, almost knee long and high waited, and so light. As these two are a bit eye-catching, I decided to wear a basic black top from Mango underneath it.

When it comes to jewellery, I am wearing my neon pink sunglasses from Reserved, it was a bit sunny that day so they were quite handy. Also, I am wearing my black velvet choker from Pull&Bear and just a couple of basic rings from Bershka. The backpack I am wearing is my go-to bag, as literally everything that I was carrying with myself that day was able to fit in it. For the shoes, I went with my high top platform Vans, perfect for this changing weather.

Also, you should go and check Luka's Instagram account, as well as the post on his blog about our shoot!

jacket // ovs
shirt // mango
skirt // reserved
shoes // vans
sunglasses // reserved

photos by: luka l.

Thank you for reading!

love always,
paula avalon xx

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