you live in shades of cool.~

by - Friday, January 09, 2015

School is starting next week so I'm trying to have as much fun as I can during these short winter break. It is still pretty cold outside and the snow is starting to melt, but as long as I'm inside somewhere I'm good haha. 

Today I'm wearing the cardigan I bought last week at that second hand shop, and it's probably one of the warmest things I own. I found this old pair of beige trousers from Zara in the back of my closet and just put a basic white tee from H&M. The so called "simons" I'm wearing I bought a couple of years ago when I visited Romania. As it was quite sunny I wore my sunglasses and jewelry that I bought in Claire's. 

cardigan // flou, shirt // h&m, trousers // zara, rings // claire's

photos by: nika v.

paula avalon xx

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