you were my versailles at night~

by - Friday, May 15, 2015

Some days when you wake up you can't even imagine how much fun you're going to have that day, and today was definitely that kind of a day. A relaxing Friday with a friend in the city centre, having coffee for more than two hours and then eating one of the best ice creams I've ever eaten was just what I needed, not even rain could ruin the day.

As it was a bit chilly outside I wore my favourite black waterfall cardigan from Mango and a plaid blouse. The jeans are from Forever 21 and the boots are the classic Dr. Martens. The necklace, a cute little Jupiter, is from H&M and I love it so much, especially because Jupiter is my 'ruling planet'. 

shirt // second hand ; jeans // forever 21 ; cardigan //mango ; boots // dr. martens  ; necklace // h&m

Thank you for reading!

photos by: filip b.

love always,
paula avalon

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