INmusic 2015., day 1~

by - Tuesday, June 23, 2015

That time of the year is finally here, INmusic 2015.! These three days, which always stay in my dear memory, are filled with so many great people, good music and new experiences, and this year - it just began. 

When we got there we first exchanged our tickets for these yellow bracelets and then sat on a meadow near the lake. In case you don't know what INmusic is, it's a three day music festival on a lake here in Zagreb and it is a really amazing experience. This is my third IN and it started off great, my friend Dora and I are having a three day sleepover at her place and if you want, feel free to send food. 

What I wore for the first day is my new lace top from Mango and black jeans from Forever 21, and because I knew we would dance I took my black Vans because they are already so ruined that I doubt they could get any worse. The denim shirt is from Pull&Bear and thank God I took it because otherwise I would be so cold. Stay warm kids!

Dora, Lana & Paula (I)

What you unfortunately can't see is that Dora and I had glitter all over or face and hands, we like to imagine that we're on Coachella. A couple of people even told me I looked like a fairy because of the hair and the glitter and I did not mind that haha. 

On the arrival we met up with our friends and made some new ones and made plans for the day. We had three concerts we wanted to go to and those were Paolo Nutini, Future Islands and FFS (Franz Ferdinand and the Sparks)

Future Islands

Even though I never heard any of their song their concert was so amazing, we danced so much we could barely walk afterwards, but it was totally worth it. Their music is really interesting as they go under indie pop but during the concert the singer would casually swing into screamo, so not expected but so good! They played at the World Stage which is the smaller one but that doesn't mean they weren't one of the best concerts of this years IN.

Paolo Nutini

Oh my, that man. He is so handsome. And his voice is just, perfect. His songs are kinda funky but also really chill and they just make you want to dance, I don't even have to say that we danced, a lot. We stood in the front rows and were surrounded by our friends and other lovely people and I remember that during the first few songs I heard a couple of girls saying how good looking he was. I agree random strangers, I really do.


The best band of Day 1, Franz Ferdinand and The Sparks. Even thought they were the last concert of the day we somehow managed to find enough energy to, you guessed it, dance. We got there kinda late so we didn't manage to get in the front rows but Antonija and I managed to find a good view. 

Dora, I, and some flowers and a sun

I shall keep you all updated these three lovely days, so stayed tuned. For more pictures, you can follow me on my instagram and snapchat (username for both is moonofpaula). Thank you for reading!

love always,
paula avalon xx

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