INmusic, day 3.~

by - Friday, June 26, 2015

All good things come to an end, and so did the 10. INmusic festival. Three best days of the year spent with amazing people while listening to great music, and only 360 days left till the next one! Only 360.

After waking up we spent a few hours in the bed before realising we were late. We changed at least 5 outfits each before settling down on these ones. I'm wearing a Forever 21 white shirt and lace shorts, paired with my Vans and a few bracelets. I also had a denim shirt from Pull&Bear and a black leather jacket from Mango because it got cold in the evening.

Side Project

Cutest people at INmusic were definitely Anja and Luka who together form a graveyard pop band called Side Project. They were our first concert of the day and even though we were a bit late we still managed to get in the first row along with our friends. And yes, we had glitter on our faces again, well what could we do when one of their song's lyrics is literally "I want to see glitter on my face", you can't blame us.

Of Monsters & Men

No mud could stop us from getting in the front rows at the OMAM concert, which was the second and last concerts we saw. After having lunch at a bed we met up with our friends and headed over to the Main Stage where they played. So many people, but such a good atmosphere, and oh my God, her voice is pure gold. 

After them the last headliner was Placebo, but neither Dora nor I listen to them so we headed over to get pizza (which was sooo delicious) and met up with Nikola. The three of us then went to Nargila where I bumped into my cousin who then joined us. We started with just two of us, but at one moment when I looked around I was surrounded by 8 people, and I only knew four of them. 

This being the 10th IN they threw a surprise at the end of Placebo's concert. Glitter, big dancing robots, fireworks, it was amazing and lovely (even though everyone was hoping Lana Del Rey would play). And what else would six hyped teenagers rather do than go to the silent party? Probably eat, but hey, silent party's calling was louder. The rest of the night was kinda like, Silent Party - food - Karaoke - Silent Party - it's already 5am? 

And yes, it was already past 5 in the morning when we went home and it sure was an intersting trip, we met Ilija who was tripping real hard, Dan who has a 5k fine to pay, and a guy with a reaaaaaally deep voice who just wanted to buy some beer at 5am on a Thursday morning.

We just want a day 4.
paula avalon xx

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  1. It looks like you had such a great time, beautiful pictures!!
    - a.s.