a vintage red.

by - Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Even though I am an autumn child and a big lover of rain, rain in August is not welcome. I am supposed to be wearing shorts and eating ice cream, but no, I have to look like I just went to a wet shirt contest. But lets just thank God that Adela had an umbrella (this rhymes hah) and saved me from the rain when we met up for coffee (and by that I mean tea) yestrerday afternoon at Grič, one of the cutest cafes in Zagreb.

The shirt I'm wearing is a vintage piece which I found in my Grandma's closet a few years ago and just fell in love with, as well as the bag. It looks so good and is easy to style, weather you wanna wear it underneath a sweater or just so, like I am wearing it now. The high waisted jeans are from H&M and they're a total must have; not only do they look great and make your figure pop, they bring a grunge-vintage touch to every outfit.Because of the rain yesterday I decided to wear my new black leather shoes with a platform which I recently bought, the brand is called Catwalk and they were a catch!

I love how even though the whole outfit is monotone and there are no *real* colours, it seems vibrant because of the red lipstick I am wearing. It is one of my favourite lipsticks and my fav red one. The brand is called IQ Cosmetics and you can purchase it at Bipa.

When it comes to jewelry, the statement necklace is an old piece from H&M, I love wearing it with blouses because I just love the way it subtly shows underneath the collar. The rings with white rocks are from Primark and they're just a small part of my ever growing collection.

blouse & bag // vintage ; jeans // h&m ; necklace // h&m ; shoes // catwalk ; rings // primark

photos by: adela m.

thank you for reading!

love always,
paula avalon xx

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