ouija spirits.

by - Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gloomy days like these can only be made better by hanging out with your friends, especially the ones you haven't seen in over a month.  We went to this cute coffee house (which is actually most famous for it's Gin) in my neighbourhood called A Most Unusual Garden, and it really is an unusual garden. It is so original, they even have a treehouse in which you can go and have a drink. If you're around, make sure you come in because they will not disappoint.

The black Ouija shirt I am wearing is from Hot Topic, and even though it's a male fit I like how it looks, especially when matched with a short tube skirt from H&M which is also in black. To break the monotony I wore my red plaid shirt from H&M and died it around my waist for that grunge vibe, plus it wasn't cold enough to actually wear it.

The black leather backpack, which I'm always wearing, is from Primark and I literally go everywhere with it. The silver necklace I have on is one of my favourite pieces of jewelry, I got it at Forever 21 and it just makes every outfit pop. As the weather was rainy again, I wore my new black platform shoes by Catwalk, with which I am starting to fall in love with (I mean, who wouldn't, look at 'em!). To match the red of my shirt, I wore my red bracelet which I got as a gift from my Mom's friend from Vienna, it is a handmade piece and is just so subtle and yet gorgeous.

top // hot topic ; skirt & shirt // h&m ; necklace // forever 21 ; backpack // primark ; shoes // catwalk

photos by: natasa m.

thank you for reading! 

love always,
paula avalon xx

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