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Hello March and hello another Bipa Fashion week! This season I had the honour of attending 3 days of shows - the second, fourth and sixth. As always, I had a great time, so if you want to see more, just keep reading.

day 2.

This year a few designers threw in a little twist - they didn't have a regular show, they each had a different "performance". The designers that showcased their new collections were Unaesthetic, Morana Krklec, Mirjana Cigić and Ivana Janjić. I had the pleasure of attending this night with my fellow blogger and dear friend Marija (@mariahs_chambers), it is always a great day when she's around. <3

My favourites from this day were Unaesthetik, who displayed a very chic yet unique collection of black clothing made from very interesting materials which draped beautifully, and Ivana Janjić, with a very modern black (and white) unisex collection.

Me and Marija (@mariahs_chambers)
Luka Lajic (@expensivereality) & I
My outfit for the second day of this season's fashion week was quite simple as I was pretty busy that day. I wore my new black mom jeans which I got at Zara with a vintage oversized blouse which I stole from my Grandma (oopsie, ty grandma). The bag is from Mango and I absolutely love the embroidery on it. The shoes are my ankle boots from Pull&Bear, and the coat is from Zara. For my curly hair, all the credits go to Toni&Guy Salon, they always have my back.

day 4.

For day four (and six) I was accompanied by my dear friend Donovan (@uniqueyeah), and this time there was a catwalk. 

The openers for the fourth day were Mates, a Serbian duo who displayed quite of a yugo-nostalgic collection with very cute and feminine pieces, as well as some strong ones, all in bright colours and glitter. My personal favourite was their purple glittery oversized hoodie with "Yugoslovenka" written on it, I seriously need that. Asap.

Jelena Holec gave us a new look on elegance with her collection of draped evening dresses and two piece sets with many asymmetric details and floral prints, which she mixed with pearls, lace and tulle details, perfect for the softness that spring is bringing.

This season Anthony Avangard gave us a collection inspired by Nikola Tesla, in which he displayed both male and female clothes. He stayed true to himself with very loose and oversized clothing, as well as his staple socks with A's on them. By combining monotone clothing with some shimmery pieces as well as space inspired prints, he showed us a very modern and youthful collection.

Anthony Avangard
Up next was Price on Request with a very interesting fashion forward collection made by deconstructing old clothes into new ones. Their colour palette was a mix of monotone and bold, as well as their use of completely different materials which they layered and combined together. A great look into the future of fashion.

Price on Request
My favourite show of the day was by Twins, whose collection inspired by Slavonija and safari absolutely stunned me. They had many beautiful mid length dresses with amazing prints and colours which fitted their models just right, displaying how flowy they truly are. My favourite pieces were the blue and white dress (pic below) and the embroidered two piece set, but honestly, I want to own 90% of this collection. 

For this day I decided to go with an all black outfit, so I pulled out my new skirt from Mango and a crop top from Pull&Bear. As it was still cold outside I needed an extra layer so I just threw this long blazer from H&M on. For the shoes, these are the Jessica Simspon sandals which I fell in love with as soon as I saw them this month at ShoeBox. My bag is from H&M as well, and the sunglasses are from Wish.

day 6.

The openers for the last night of were Arileo. With their newest collection they displayed a very bohemian range of beautiful and flowy summer dresses, from both pastels to vibrant colours with beautiful prints on them. Most of their clothing was either pleated or draped so it looked flawless as the models were walking down the runway.

Marina Design was up next, and her collection was full of loose clothing and mostly black and white clothing, and a few blue pieces. Some of these had really intricate patterns in the front, lifting the whole line a bit. 

The third brand of night was Mateyaneira with their first show at Bipa These girls wowed us with their take on the "business woman" aesthetic, showing us how fashionable two piece suits and coats can be. Definitely a great start for this young duo.

The most colourful and "summery" show of the season was by far BiteMyStyle by Zoran Aragović, a man who is not afraid of playing with both colour and prints, mixing them in a way only a few can. From swim suits to long evening dresses, this collection played with colour blocking and ruffles, prints on prints, making every piece unique. 

And, for the cherry on top, my favourite Croatian designers - Klisab. These boys always amaze me with their collections, and this one was no different. For this season they put together a collection of feminine clothes in muted colours with twists - metallic buttons, asymmetric details and deconstructed edges. Their collection had a feel of both chic and powerful, basically everything that a modern woman needs and wants (as well as me). It is clear to see how well they know their fabrics and cuts, making simple designs so much more than what we would originally think of them. So, congrats once again on a wonderful show, and can't wait to see how much more you'll grow and develop.

What I wore for the last day was my black Nike hoodie paired with my black pleated skirt from Reserved. The best part of this outfit are definitely the white socks with my new pink glittery sandals which I got at Bershka, paired with my pink glittery backpack from Pull&Bear. And yes, I adore black AND pink glitter, get used to it. And if you're as obsessed as I am with my straight hair, check out Toni&Guy Salon as they made absolute magic. Love them so much.

Aaand that would be it, let me know what you think about these shows! And see you again next season. <3

Thank you for reading!
love always,
paula avalon xo

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