golden roses

by - Saturday, April 28, 2018

After a bit more than a month of no blogposts I caught myself just staring at my laptop unable to think of a proper introduction to this outfit post. Lately, everything has just been too busy for me to focus on the things that actually make me happy - blogging. And no, I won't make any excuses or try to say "but this is gonna change" because honestly, I can't promise anything. Sometimes, things just get in the way and sometimes I just want to lay in bed all day and binge watch shows and movies (also, I just watched Baby Driver - y a s !), and yes, that is a big flaw I have and one that I never hide.  I mean, it took me half an hour of scrolling through Instagram just to make myself write these last two sentences. So, if anyone has any advice on how to motivate yourself and stop procrastinating, hmu, I really need help.

In other news, definitely a better one, the weather for these last few days has been nothing but amazing, so I've just been wearing skirts and dresses. This super cute metallic one is from Mango and it's perfect for summer because it's so light and flowy. To tone it down a bit, I decided to wear my new black crop sweater from Romwe.

For the details of this look, tbh the most important part are these beautiful orange roses Irma got me, and I couldn't be happier about them, ty babe! Other than that, I am finally wearing these beautiful black sandals with pearl details which I got at ShoeBox. They are quite fancy but still kind of casual, and they look so good. The rings are a mix from here and there, and this cute leather backpack is from Mango.

shirt // romwe
skirt & backpack // mango
shoes // shoebox

photos by: irma v.
thank you for reading!
love always,
paula avalon xo

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