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by - Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Nothing better than that one colder week in August when you can finally take a break from the heat and jump back into those shoes and blazers that you love, without melting. It was finally enjoyable to be out, and so I went to the city of mine and finally met a fellow blogger whose fan and follower I've been for years, the lovely Ana from Psycho Couture! I couldn't have wished for a better Saturday coffee (read that as cocktail) company. <3

I was finally able to wear layers, and oh my was I happy about it. Also, I finally took my new sparkling skirt from Mango for a walk, I love the cut and the color of it, as it goes well with both black and white. On top of that I wore a simple black crop top from Primark and one of my go to items, a long black blazer from H&M (it has pockets, everything that has pockets is a must buy.)

For the accessories, I put on my black choker from Pull&Bear, as well as stacked some golden, white and black bracelets, some from H&M, and some collected on trips as memories. To match the black vibe of the outfit, I wore my black ankle boots from Pull&Bear, perfect for this type of mixed weather. The bag I have is from H&M, and the ring is from Primark. 

shirt // primark
skirt // mango
blazer & bag // h&m
shoes // pull&bear

photos by: psycho couture (instagram)

Thank you for reading!

love always,
paula avalon xx

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