summer in the city

by - Saturday, August 26, 2017

Let's get real here, is there any other way to spend a Saturday with your best friend than eating pancakes for breakfast, cycling to the city, visiting an art exhibition and eating sushi & drawing while sitting on the grass in the middle of the town? Well, for me that is perfect. Especially when you know those are some of some of your friend's last days in you hometown. 

What I decided to wear for this "out in the city" type of day is a casual almost all black outfit. My new crop top from Tobi finally arrived, and it's a beautiful shirt with bell sleeves and a cute red-purple floral pattern. To keep it kind of simple and casual, I out on my black high waisted shorts from H&M, which are my go-to item during these hot summer days.

Considering accessories, I decided to be simple and, as usual, put on my black choker from Pull&Bear, and to add a few simple golden rings from Primark. The shoes are my all time fav old school Vans, they go well with everything, and are such a must have item in everyone's closet. 

shirt // tobi
shorts // h&m
sunglasses // zeroUV
shoes // vans

photos by: nikola a. 

Thank you for reading!

love always,
paula avalon xx

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