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Another October, another chance to see what some of our designers have prepared for this season, and I couldn't be more excited. This week at the Bipa I had the pleasure of attending two days of fashion shows, first day in the company of my friend and fellow blogger Luka from Expensive Reality for the Robert Sever show.

Robert Sever

For this season the designer showcased a wide variety of long dresses, coats, jackets and shirt for both men and women, with materials ranging from denim to florals and glitter in 60 different looks. As you know, I will never lie to you and will always tell you what I truly think, so don't be mad when I say I wasn't impressed by this show. Some of the pieces were beautiful, and I love how loose and flowy the dresses and the blouses were, but some of the patterns and textiles were a no from me. My personal favourite was a beautiful long floral dress, feels like it would be a perfect piece for a summer wedding or if you just want to feel like a spring goddess. All in all, the effort and creativity that went into this collection is visibly immense, and a simple confirmation to why Robert Sever is one of the most famous and appreciated designers when it comes to formal dressing. For me, most of the items were a pass as it just isn't my style, but if you like looking fancy, make sure you check out his new collection.

What I was most excited was Day 2, and first of all, I need to give a BIG thank you to Klisab for inviting me to their show. Nothing feels better then being invited to see your favourite Croatian designers' new show. My date for that night was Donovan, my dear friend who also happens to be a blogger, and personally, he slays. Make sure to check my boy out both on Instagram & his blog.

Day 2 was reserved for 6 shows, and the ice-breaker was a young designer Anthony Avangard who displayed a menswear collection full of pastel and vibrant colours with touches of black, giving us a soft, yet edgy, look at the masculine side of fashion. 

Anthony Avangard
Show number 2 was Jamoi, who showcased a contemporary fashion collection for women in a palette of white, grey and black hues. Morana Krklec was up next, with a minimalistic womens collection full of wide and oversized cuts in black and white with  a few touches of soft beige.

Morana Krklec
The fourth show was Price on Request, who managed to get everyone's attention the second the first model walked out - in a piece of underwear and a shirt. This show a refreshment after the previous two shows, as the designer created modern, Vetements like, looks with the use of both desaturated, pastel and neon colours in her looks, as well as very interesting plastic looking materials for both skirt and coats. Even though the looks were minimalistic, they easily catch everyone's eye with the smart use of colour. A big like from me.

Price on Request

Price on Request

Price on Request

Up next was Ivana Janjić with a black and white men's collection, featuring some very strong modern looking pieces, made oversized and loose along with sharp edges.

Ivana Janjic
And as it usually goes, the cherry on the top - Klisab. These talented boys keep making my jaw drop wih every new collection they put out. Such a fresh and new look at femininity, with a playful use of colour and material. They stuck with the colorless palette, as well as combined neutrals with vibrant reds and blues, waking us up from the dulness autumn usually brings with its rain and cloudy skies - a perfect combination. Honestly, I put half of the pieces onto my wishlist, especially the long plaid coat. In my opinion, the best show this season with the trendiest pieces out there, and I can surely say they will rise to fame quickly. Amazing!<3



Thank you all for reading, and congratulations to all designers on their new collections, can't wait until March!

love always,
paula avalon xo

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