black & beige

by - Saturday, January 27, 2018

During these cold winter months, most of the time I don't pay that much attention to how good my outfit is, but rather how cozy it is. And don't kill me, but I feel like that should be everyone's priority. You can't convince me that there is a better feeling than being all snuggled up in a sweater and basically feeling like you have a blanket on wherever you go.

Amid my recent trip to Scotland (which you can read about here) I managed to find probably the warmest and coziest item I currently have, this knitted beige cardigan. It is a bit oversized and just perfect for this type of weather, plus, as it is "basic" I can wear it with almost anything.

The skirt that I am wearing is a black one I got at Reserved, and what I like most about it is how soft and flowy it is, even though it is shaped like a pencil skirt. To keep this outfit simple, I wore my plain white crop top from Primark, as well as a black tote bag, a minimalistic golden necklace & my new Nikes.

top & cardigan // primark
skirt // reserved
shoes // nike

photos by: luka l (expensive reality)

Thank you for reading!

love always,
paula avalon xo

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