MELTING SUN - shoot with luka

by - Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Something you probably don't know about me (unless we've been friends for a long time) is that I actually love photography and taking photos, not just standing in front of the camera. Whenever I would go to the city or travel anywhere, I would always bring my camera with me and take approximately 2000 photos... and sometimes even more to be honest. But, even though I would take photos of nature, architecture, food and such, what I found to be the most interesting subject of every picture I took were the people. Because of that, I would always take my camera to birthday parties so we could all have thousands of pictures of us just having fun, doing random little photoshoots and just enjoying the moment. Now, looking back at it, I realise how much I miss it.

I got (and still am) caught up in my everyday life, work and habits I forgot about photography and how much I love it. So, when I went to visit my friend Luka in Porec I decided to take my camera with me. My first instinct was "great, we can shoot an outfit post there then", but Luka and I managed to spent almost the whole day just taking photos of each other. And in that moment, I remembered why I used to do it so often. Even though I hadn't done anything like this in years, I am so happy with 95% of the photos I took - so I decided to share it with you guys.

Don't worry, I won't stop doing fashion and turn into a photography blog, but I still wanted to showcase something that I'm proud of. So, enjoy, and follow Luka on Instagram, he's really cute.

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