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by - Tuesday, August 14, 2018

When everything else fails, just wear an all black outfit - life motto. In my last few posts I wrote about finally giving colours a chance and it was great, truly, but something about black always has me coming back to it. Maybe it's its comfort, elegance and beauty, and maybe it's just me feeling most comfortable in it. Whatever it is, you can't deny that all black outfits don't look sleek and cool, even in hot weather.

This cute see-through top is actually thrifted, it can both be worn normally or off-shoulder (I think it's apparent which one I like more) and the pattern on it is what got me to buy it in the first place because it looks like a mix of florals and lace. I've had this black midi skirt from Reserved for quite some time, and the pleading on it is what makes it stand out the most, plus it's not super tight and the material is quite light making it perfect for summer. Even though this is an all black outfit, the different patterns is what makes it so interesting and that is the key to nailing a one colour ootd.

I don't know what is it about shoes with heels/platforms, but they just make you feel like you run the world. These black sandals are by Carrano and I got them at ShoeBox, and not only did I fall in love with them as soon as I saw them because they're stunning, they're also super comfortable! It's a win-win situation with these. This black bag with embroidered flowers is from Mango and it's become one of my favourite ones, mostly because it can make a dull outfit look so much better instantly. Also, I think I may have an early case of a bag addiction, but we'll see. Because you know, my bags and shoes always go together. 

shirt // thrifted
skirt // reserved
bag // mango
shoes // carrano, shoebox

thank you for reading!

love always,
paula avalon xo

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